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Sell to us

At FCD we live and breathe our core values of Integrity, Quality, Fairness and Individuality.

What does that mean for you as a seller?


We work to a win/win, every time, every stakeholder. We aren’t in the business of taking advantage of anyone.

Most importantly we don’t hide costs or inflate offers, only to adapt them during the process of completing a purchase. We’ve seen this done and it just leaves a sour taste.

We carry out thorough due diligence before embarking on any venture. This ensures that any deals we propose or propose are fair and result in a great outcome for all to make sure our deals are properly and fairly valued to ensure a good outcome for all.

We are always on the lookout for land and buildings, particularly in the North West. If you have a plot you would like us to view, please get in touch using the email below.

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