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A gorgeous Victorian building in Didsbury

We love nothing more than taking stunning buildings that have lost their way a little and bringing them back to life.

12 Stunning

Photo 01-07-2020, 10 27 38.jpg

About the development

This delightful property in Didsbury, Manchester used to home 12 pretty tired and miserable bedsits.

This is a joint venture for us with a long-standing partner and together we are transforming it into 12 stunning apartments. As you can see we have ripped everything out, back to brick and will be starting from scratch.

We have also extended the property by using the basement to allow for some duplex apartments and we have a lovely opportunity to create a beautiful shared garden in the large outside space.

If you’d like to be kept informed of our progress and to be notified when they are available, please send us your details.

The predicted completion date of March 2021.


Be one of the

lucky 12!

If a lovely apartment in beautiful Didsbury is your thing, then make sure you keep up to date when these become available. Send us your details and we’ll keep you informed.

Thank you for your enquiry. Our team will contact you soon.

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