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About FCD

Meet The Team

Our team

Founded on friendship

FC Developments founders Tony Houlihan and Sean Elliott have been business partners for a long time, and friends for a lot longer than that. Sean established his career running a successful architecture practise, designing both commercial and residential buildings, extensions and renovations. Tony’s background, by contrast, is within corporate procurement, managing efficient and robust supply chains for the construction and facilities management industries.

The two friends would meet regularly, often over a beer on a late Friday afternoon, talking about the ways they could combine their different skill sets and personalities to create a business.

And in this way, Friday Club Developments was born.

With integrity at its heart and a real desire to do the right thing in the property industry, the team today are all good friends. And Friday afternoon meetings by the log fire of a local establishment are often where their best ideas still happen.

Tony Houlihan


Tony has been involved in property for years, starting as a buy to let landlord then studying various strategies and training with the best in the industry.

He has adapted his extensive procurement career and brought the skill set of relationship building, negotiation and team management to FCD.

As a father to young children, he knows homes need to be practical and his love of technology means the latest innovations are incorporated for an improved lifestyle.

Sean Elliott


Sean’s entire career has been related to property, with extensive experience in design and construction.

Many years spent in his own architecture firm have allowed him to work on a variety of client projects, both residential and commercial.

Sean is thoughtful and meticulous in his approach, considering every detail and the impact on the end-user, either for home, work or retail and whether the spaces are fit for purpose.

Stewart Astley

Non Executive Director

Stewart is an experienced Finance Leader, currently Finance Director for a fast-growing SME in the Utilities Sector.

Stewart has vast experience of the property & construction sector, has worked in a number of similar organisations, and has been recently appointed to the board to advise on our growth plans and long term finance strategy.

Linda Wright

Head of Operations

Linda is the glue that holds all of our moving parts together. An experienced finance professional, Excel geek and exceptional office manager. Linda keeps everything running.

No nonsense and straight-talking, she keeps everyone in check and on track.

Linda has worked with Tony and Sean for many years and is very much part of the FCD family.

Joanne Saint

Head of Marketing

Joanne has more than 20 years of marketing experience and ensures we stay focussed on our brand vision and true to our core values.

A property investor herself, Joanne makes sure we stay in our own lane when it comes to message and audience.

Sue Love

Head of HR

Sue is an HR Professional with 30 years of experience.

In our quest to be an excellent employer, Sue provides us with policy, contracts and guidance on how to support and develop our team in line with best practice.

Dan Hopkins

Commercial Manager

Dan is a quantity surveyor, with more than 13 years of experience in construction. He has worked on a range of projects including commercial, residential, industrial and new build developments.

As part of our due diligence, cost management, construction drawings, subcontractor analysis and feasibility studies are crucial.

Aaron Pritchard

Senior Site Manager

Aaron is a time served joiner, then into leadership roles as foreman and site manager, giving him a very hands-on appreciation of the management of trades on site.

Aaron runs a smooth site operation with Health, Safety and Welfare as his priority, but his attention to detail ensures our finishes are high quality.

Mick Houlihan

Site Manager

Mick has a background in a number of trades, including asbestos removal and painting and decorating.

Using these practical skills to move into supervisory roles making sure the right things are being done, by the right people, at the right time.

Our approach


Detail in design

Whether we’re working
on new build homes or breathing new life into historic buildings and local areas, we care deeply about the impact we have.

We strive for the highest quality at every stage and oversee each detail as if it were our own home, from outstanding architecture to thoughtful interior design. Because we only use quality materials and appliances and partnering with specialist installers, you can always be sure you’re moving into a property that is designed for life.


The FCD Guarantee

Transparent, ongoing support for as long as you need it

We work hard to make sure every detail is spot on in all our properties, and we’ll guarantee that quality down to the ground. As well as a two-year warranty, we offer a wide range of support and assistance moving forward – so you feel perfectly happy and relaxed in your investment.

Two-year warranty

Our own warranty is underwritten by Build Zone and is given on all build projects we undertake. In addition, our new build residential developments are further underwritten by market-leading Structural Warranties providers for 10 years. We want to give you complete confidence that any issues covered will be taken care of swiftly and professionally.

Personal inspections

We make regular independent inspections ourselves on all new buildings during construction. This allows us to pick up quickly on any of the common problems that can affect domestic and commercial properties over time, such as structural and damp problems. By being rigorous and hands-on during the build, you get peace of mind when you move in, whether for work, rest or play.

Getting settled

We’re also happy to make courtesy visits as you settle in too. If you need to address any final snags in the finishing, simply get in touch with our team within the first two weeks. Someone will drop by and hopefully, we always aim to resolve things within 28 days of the visit. And we’re not going anywhere, either. So if you need anything else during your time in the property, just get in touch with our team and we’ll do whatever we can to help.

Our Guarantee


"I have just come across your house at Styal and they are absolutely beautiful."


"Working on your site has been a pleasure, it's great to work with a partner who wants a quality finish."


"The appliances and flooring are all included? That's fantastic."

Want to know more?

We are always interested in expanding our network and having conversations with like-minded people. Have a look through how to work with us here, pick up the phone or send us an email.

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