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At FCD we live and breathe our core values of Integrity, Quality, Fairness and Individuality.

Like most developers, we finance our projects in many different ways. One of the most beneficial is to work with private investors.


With bank interest rates being so low and very few other asset classes delivering substantial returns, we offer investors a safe, reliable opportunity to grow their wealth, without lifting a finger.

A collaboration like this can be approached in a variety of ways and we always work in partnership to make sure our investors’ security and financial needs are met. For example, we can offer an annual rate of return and an agreed project timescale, where all money and interest are paid back in one go, or we can agree on monthly terms instead. It’s entirely up to you.

Another popular method is a Joint Venture partnership, where we work with a landowner, building owner or other business, together on a project. By taking care of the design and build, we can create an uplift in value and a stable return on investment, whilst at the same time providing excellent quality homes or commercial properties.

If you’d like our Investor Pack or just want to have a conversation, get in touch or use the form below.

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